I have worked with Coats on several complex and controversial projects, requiring a great deal of direct coordination with our Paris headquarters. He is privy to highly confidential information and has navigated our company with the utmost professionalism and discretion. He brings a rich context to his work from his past experiences both with our brand and others. He acts not only as a research partner, but also as a business consultant, and has challenged us to consider alternative courses of action that have proven to be of great benefit. He has always delivered a high level of engagement and as such is viewed as a great resource by our marketing teams.

I have worked with Coats on multiple strategic explorations on the Gatorade business, which focused on exploring new product and new target opportunities. His value moves beyond a moderator to more of a business consultant. Coats’ strategic focus and adaptable style is based on developing a strong understanding of his client’s needs, adjusting his approach based on what we are learning and trying new ideas to drive to deeper insight. He has great rapport with respondents and his issue-oriented translation of consumer feedback helps teams make critical business decisions and move key initiatives forward.

I have worked with Coats for almost 20 years across multiple categories and classes of trade. Regardless of the subject matter, he always brings great insight and recommendations to the project. Coats has always been more than just a moderator/vendor. He really acts as a business partner who can help diagnose the issue at hand, recommend the appropriate methodology/course of action and then suggest how to implement his findings to address the issues. He is always highly respected and valued not only by the research teams, but also by the marketing teams that we support. As a result, has become the moderator of record for many of the brands within the various companies I have worked for.

It’s always been a great experience working with Coats. Across multiple and diverse projects, Coats puts forth the extra effort to ensure results and success on each and every project. He approaches each project with curiosity and passion, bringing both the research perspective and strategic element that translates learning into insight and strategic vision. I appreciate Coats’ depth of experience and adaptable style that allows the team of marketers, product developers, researchers, and agency to get the most out of each study.